Selmer Paris Series II Jubilee 51JS SILVER Plated Soprano Saxophone

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For sale is a gorgeous Selmer Paris 51JS Series II Jubilee soprano saxophone.

The Series II soprano is one of the best playing sopranos ever made, featuring a 1 piece attached neck design.

This is a latest rendition Jubilee version of these horns.  These are extremely high end horns and you dont see to many out in the wild.  If you take a look at the used Series IIs that pop up 99% of them are older NON Jubilee series IIs from however long ago.

The 51JS model silver plated variant specifically is a MTO made to order horn.  The only way to get a silver plated series II is for a dealer to put the custom order in and wait the length time period for one to get custom built.

Currently the 51JS Jubilee fully retails for $10k+, with a bottom line price of $7000 if you can get your hands on one...

Its very rare unusual for these to pop up on the used market.

Overall the horn is in very nice condition but its still is a used silver horn, so plan to use your silver cloth and polish her up to keep fresh.

This horn is being sold as used and has its fair share of scratches, knicks, fleabites, metal wear, tarnish or other used marks you find on saxophone .

This horn ships with no Selmer case.

These Jubilee horns have beautiful precise floral engraving.  The engraving is extremely light and delicate, so much so that on the silver horns that you need to be at just the right angle to see the engraving.  The combination of our bright photos lights + extremely shiny popping silver makes it very hard to capture the engraving details, but they are there and they are beautiful!

If you have been looking for a professional soprano sax silver plated 51JS are awesome playing horns while no doubt retaining full value in the future shell you decide to change horns.  

Please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment!





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