Selmer Mark VI 5 digit Alto Saxophone Rare Two Tone Finish!

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For sale is a Selmer Mark VI 96xxx alto saxophone with the extremely rare factory two tone finish!

This is a prime example 5 digit Mark VI with the two tone gold laq & nickel/silver key work.  This two tone finish was more of a custom ordered or requested finish for an extra fee and there are not many of these in the wild.

Sometimes you see these two tones and they will be later serial numbers, but this is a very nice gem as a 5 digit two tone!

This horn has a great neck with it.  The neck retains most of the factory blue on the S !  This horn was a full Paris made horn, so does not and should not have a serial number stamped into it. 

Only the horns that went over seas's to the US had serial number HOWEVER...  The inside of the neck tenon clearly has matching last 3 serial number to the horn clearly scratched in!

This horn has a fair amount of strong patina but the body is overall a rather nice example within the patina!

The horn is being sold as used and has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, fleabites, metal wear of various red colors, patina, tarnish and other anomalies associated with an old old antique.

This horn has a patch of patina right around the main Selmer logo.  Check out picture #5 & #6.  There's strong patina patches all over the horn!

This sax does not come with an original Selmer case.

Everything on the horn is opening and closing just as should be.  Theres no clicks clanks or metal on metal however Im definitely recommending a full leak job setup to be a primo playing sax!

This horn is an amazing way to get into a 5 digit Mark VI without spending $8000 $9000 on one.  If you have been looking to invest into a new alto please buy and pay confidently.  I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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