Conn 10m Naked Lady War Time Tenor Saxophone w/ Rolled Tone Holes

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For sale is a gorgeous Conn 10m Naked lady with rolled tone holes!

This is a prime 309xxx 1943 1944 war era Conn.  There were overall very few saxophones made these years.  World War II was 1938 to 1945..    During 1942-1945 Conn started making gear for the war and there were a total of 6000 horns made combined for those year.

These war time rolled tone holes are some of the most sought after Conn around.  Many people say being they removed most of the machines for new tooling that those horns made were mostly hand made with extra TLC.

his horn is being sold and has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, metal wear, patina, repair marks and other anomalies associated with such an old vintage horn.

This sax is a relacquer!   Wait whaaaat?????

Yes! This is one of those weird cases where the horn looks so amazing its really hard to tell if its original or relaq, Thowever for sake of the listing and clarity Im calling the horn a relacquer.

This being said this horn is an absolutely stunning!  The engraving is detailed and crisp with the lady of the hour, our favorite 10m engraved women surrounded by the engraved corn stawks the surrounded the Conn factory.

This is an amazing playing Conn 10m!  The horn has a HUGE sound on it.  Think that larger then life huge wall of sound but with that wide spready dark lush fullness.

When I play this horn I instantly get Dexter Gordon vibes!

This horn plays tremendous top to bottom and does that Conn 10m thing so so good.  If your looking for a great Conn 10m theres no doubt this horn will satisfy!

I have just bought this horn directly from a great saxophone repair tech.  While the pads are older on this horn repair tech has done a full setup and number on this horn!

Those older pads were reseated, he adjusted a bunch of the action, replaced cork and felts all over the sax, re corked the neck, regulated the horn, worked on the leaks, lubricated , etc.

Again this horn has older pads but man does this horn play!

The horn is fully setup and feels great in the hands with no clicks clanks loss of motion at all.  The horn is ready to play out of the box, but at one point you to put new pads in.  The horn wont require much work to get those pads in as its fully setup so nice!

This horn has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, metal wear, patina, repair marks and other anomalies associated with such an old vintage horn!

Tech work is expensive so this is a great feature that the horns ready!  Take alook at all the new cork and material ive pictured in the up closes shots.

This sax comes with its original matching Conn case which is worth a pretty penny on its own!

This horn has a great neck with it!  The neck is solid and strong in the hands and feels great.  The horn is loud and proud and will not dissapoint!

Please buy and pay confidently I will ship ASAP upon payment!

 photo IMG_5628_zps4k0nuitp.jpeg  photo IMG_5623_zpsemgcxzue.jpeg  photo IMG_5619_zpskgwc4nfl.jpeg  photo IMG_5620_zpset8x8j6k.jpeg  photo IMG_5563_zpsrfvjdo6o.jpeg  photo IMG_5564_zpsvvqrnqbb.jpeg  photo IMG_5545_zpsn2gwutsk.jpeg  photo IMG_5477_zpse4wl0uoq.jpeg  photo IMG_5478_zps6rgzdbgj.jpeg  photo IMG_5475_zps2prtizpb.jpeg  photo IMG_5480_zpsnyed5i6f.jpeg  photo IMG_5472_zps8csfhmxx.jpeg  photo IMG_5467_zpsicoqqs07.jpeg  photo IMG_5463_zpsubm5nbrx.jpeg  photo IMG_5464_zpskza9oh83.jpeg  photo IMG_5469_zpsfudqdzoz.jpeg  photo IMG_5455_zpsh1s2bn0c.jpeg  photo IMG_5460_zpsapxwwbwx.jpeg  photo IMG_5459_zps5fsan2bg.jpeg  photo IMG_5453_zps91zvd0ah.jpeg  photo IMG_5421_zpsrzdogwgm.jpeg  photo IMG_5422_zpsgwze2cwb.jpeg  photo IMG_5424_zpsrh1uza9r.jpeg  photo IMG_5429_zpslhn65dml.jpeg
 photo IMG_5632_zps6b3lg0gw.jpeg  photo IMG_5669_zps91bnq9vk.jpeg  photo IMG_5668_zpsu94ycsel.jpeg  photo IMG_5667_zpsxndb7xct.jpeg  photo IMG_5666_zpsrnfrpo8l.jpeg  photo IMG_5665_zps8ocst7mv.jpeg  photo IMG_5664_zpsulbip2pe.jpeg  photo IMG_5663_zpscknwadt8.jpeg  photo IMG_5662_zps5pvy0gxx.jpeg  photo IMG_5661_zpsbjd69ia8.jpeg  photo IMG_5660_zpsnabvd2vn.jpeg  photo IMG_5659_zpsgetaxdml.jpeg  photo IMG_5658_zpshdi15erd.jpeg  photo IMG_5657_zpsqlxdfhim.jpeg  photo IMG_5656_zps1cxrbb0i.jpeg  photo IMG_5655_zpsqyydixco.jpeg  photo IMG_5654_zpskra9gr7t.jpeg  photo IMG_5653_zpsse3xah75.jpeg  photo IMG_5652_zpsg6z77jgj.jpeg  photo IMG_5651_zpsdqcoapmk.jpeg  photo IMG_5636_zpsv1a77sjl.jpeg  photo IMG_5635_zpsszqpbcvk.jpeg  photo IMG_5634_zpsfue4jogp.jpeg  photo IMG_5633_zps3oe030u4.jpeg  photo IMG_5631_zpsnxqkfwkz.jpeg  photo IMG_5630_zpsnmmlflv2.jpeg  photo IMG_5629_zpsgsnqe5fs.jpeg  photo IMG_5628_zps4k0nuitp.jpeg  photo IMG_5627_zpssp3qdrdi.jpeg  photo IMG_5626_zpsrhtpe6f9.jpeg  photo IMG_5625_zps4lkhvvhf.jpeg  photo IMG_5624_zpsliaouef7.jpeg  photo IMG_5623_zpsemgcxzue.jpeg  photo IMG_5622_zpswpvnamlh.jpeg  photo IMG_5621_zpsqikp7fld.jpeg  photo IMG_5620_zpset8x8j6k.jpeg  photo IMG_5619_zpskgwc4nfl.jpeg  photo IMG_5618_zpsetyebm75.jpeg  photo IMG_5616_zps3froddjg.jpeg  photo IMG_5615_zpsg1zl8lrp.jpeg  photo IMG_5613_zpsacgapvxo.jpeg  photo IMG_5612_zpscn2jqtac.jpeg  photo IMG_5611_zpsie6049ji.jpeg  photo IMG_5610_zpsjriuuyif.jpeg  photo IMG_5609_zpsos1ggabt.jpeg  photo IMG_5608_zpsz3crwafj.jpeg  photo IMG_5607_zpszxrr2pow.jpeg  photo IMG_5606_zpseqxpivdo.jpeg  photo IMG_5605_zpsyavdfh9r.jpeg  photo IMG_5604_zpsbvm7tnse.jpeg  photo IMG_5603_zps6oz6a5w3.jpeg  photo IMG_5602_zpspudixy2f.jpeg  photo IMG_5601_zpsjfos6sre.jpeg  photo IMG_5600_zps2sp88hup.jpeg  photo IMG_5598_zpst1wsaqix.jpeg  photo IMG_5597_zpsaqvnqp2k.jpeg  photo IMG_5596_zpsozlyc1cf.jpeg  photo IMG_5595_zpsm8bd9jmw.jpeg  photo IMG_5594_zpssef8nvyx.jpeg  photo IMG_5592_zpsijmedvh4.jpeg  photo 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