Cannonball 5J Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece w/Ligature & Cap Otto Link Meyer Clone

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For sale is a Cannonball 5J alto saxophone mouthpiece with matching dark lacquer ligature and cap.

These mouthpiece are great playing hard rubber mouthpiece that come with Cannonballs top line professional horns.

Both the ligature and cap both have matching branded Cannonnball logos.

Included but not pictured is a Cannonball logo's plush fleece drawstring pouch!

These mouthpiece play somewhere between where an Otto Link Tone Edge meets a Meyer.

These are great playing jazz mouthpieces.

This mouthpiece is being sold as used and will have various scratches, smudges, and other used marks associated with a used mouthpiece!

Please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment!