Bach Stradivarius 181MLT Model 37 Vintage Cornet w/ Warranty + Case + Mouthpiece

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For sale is a gorgeous vintage Bach Stradivarius Model 37 181MLT cornet with its original case, mouthpiece, warranty card, inspection tag and case keys!

This horn is a extremely nice condition vintage Elkhart serial #230xxx!

This horn is ready to play with all valves and slides moving proper.

This horn is being sold as used and as vintage instrument has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, flea bites, metal wear of various, patina, or other anomalies associated with such an old antique!

There are some small patina spots, and small dings, that being said this is a pretty awesome condition piece.

This horn is a complete package including its very nice factory case, unfilled out warranty card, 2x case keys with original envelope, and its 7C mouthpiece, all of this worth a pretty penny by itself.

These horns are typically 181MLs, this horn is the 181MLT with the trigger.  Most likely this was a special order cornet, or perhaps made as part of a small run.  Its a nice find with the trigger!

This horn has just the right look and is a beautiful vintage piece.  If you have been thinking about purchasing a Bach cornet, this is an awesome package priced to sell so please buy and pay confidently we will ship out ASAP upon payment!